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Consulting, coaching, training

Individual consulting, documentation for in-house seminars and workshops

The acute problem - our prompt assistance

  • Secure payment conditions – for the individual case
  • Letters of Credit, bank guarantees – from the point of view of the exporter
  • Buyer's / importer's contract conditions – a risk analysis
  • Helpdesk - for all questions of exporting

Test us, the service is free of charge within a time frame of approximately 1 hour.

Further your in-house export competences

It pays to carefully plan in-house training, specifically tailored to your business requirements, it ensures the best value.

Order your base documentation for an in-house seminars or workshops of export relevant subjects. If required we offer support in structuring them.


Choose from these subjects:

• Risk Management Process

The Steps in a Risk Management Process is a guideline on how to handle risks, from the risk identification, their evaluation, the proposed measures, to the decision concerning them.

It discusses the steps following this process, the implementation of the measures and the supervision of the process. The guide also points to the limitations a risk management process is subject to.

• Risk Management within the export contract

A comprehensive base for an in-depth workshop on risks of the export contract (a PPT presentation, 19 pages). It contains the following subjects:

  • Contract and contract types
  • Contract structure when exporting
  • Contract risks and liabilities
  • Payment securities for exports

The presentation may be adjusted in any way to suit your specific requirements.

• A knowledge check

A check on what has been learned should conclude an in-house seminar or workshop, questions to the treated subjects should be asked. The answers will provide you with a feed back on the effectiveness of the seminar or workshop.

Together with you we will put together a relevant questionnaire as well as the possible answers.


Payment condition / payment security - a key part of the contract


from payment conditions and payment securities to export financing

• Payment conditions

Solid payment conditions must ensure payments are received in full and as scheduled – a target that is achieved with the conditions and possibly securities structured in accordance with the individual circumstances.

We offer a basis for your in-house workshop «Payment conditions», possibly together with the subject «Payment securities», for ex.:

  • Variations of different payment conditions, with or without securities
  • A graphic presentation of various payment/security conditions and the risk development

• Payment securities


Solid payment securities are a main part of solid payment conditions. We offer base information, for ex.:

  • The handling of Letters of Credit
  • Other security instruments, such as Stand-by L/C's, Letters of Indemnity (bank guarantees), drafts or promissory notes, including exotic and doubtful securities offered from time to time.

• Export financing


Export financing structures usually involve various partners, their administration can be complex and costly. However, an offer including a financing possibility may play a very positive role in the export business, even if a contract is not financed in the end.

There are many different structures possible. When considering export finance as part of an contract, the control over the risks involved and the related costs must be part of the considerations.

We will put a documentation together on the subject "Export financing – possibilities and risks".

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