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The internet service


All enterprises, large, small or medium must, to have a future, ensure their success in the international market. A global market demands knowledge of the current frame conditions of the existing as well as any new markets.

www.exportupdate.com enables the exporter to take up the challenge by providing an updated basis for his international and everyday activities. It is there to optimise the individual business, from the negotiation stage to the final supply. Its permanent and worldwide accessibility ensures that it is there when you.

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Your informed with www.exportupdate.com.

The offline services


The commercial or contractual side of the business is often considered rather a nuisance, although it is quite capable to turn an excellent business into a catastrophe.

An opinion by an independent third party is valuable in the formation of a decision. Risks and dangers, but also possibilities to reduce or exclude them are shown, the basis for a sound decision with a clear target laid. With our commercial and contractual export experience we are in a position to accompany you, from the offer to the last payment.

The future of www.exportupdate.com


The currently available information on the site is exclusively for the use by Swiss exporters. An extension of this basis to other export countries is an option we would like to consider, with the right partner. A precondition would be an in-depth knowledge of the commercial and financial process applicable to exports. A wide experience in practical exports is a prerequisite.

We are keen to discuss possibilities cooperations with interested parties. If you are interested, please contact us.

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